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Sleepshaper Natural Plus Pocket 1500 6ft Super Kingsize Mattress

FREE DELIVERY on the Sleepshaper Natural Plus Pocket 1500 mattress. This 6ft super kingsize mattress has all the support you expect from pocket springs, plus the luxurious addition of layers of wool and silk. Non turn, 26cm deep mattress.

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  • Firm mattress
  • Pocket Spring
  • Natural Mattress Topping

The Natural Plus Pocket 1500 6ft super kingsize mattress from Sleepshaper.

The beautiful Natural Plus Pocket 1500 mattress features a 1500 count unit of supportive and responsive pocket springs plus a comforting, breathable, natural layer of wool sitting underneath a layer of smooth silk. Foam encapsulation gives you edge to edge sleep area. A truly comfortable and luxurious feel mattress for a great price. Firmer feel.

  • Sleepshaper Natural Plus Pocket 1500
  • Pocket springs and natural fillings mattress
  • 6ft (180cm) super kingsize
  • 1500 pocket spring count
  • Foam encapsulation for 100% sleep area
  • Luxurious layers of natural wool and silk
  • Depth 26cm
  • Can be used on a divan base or a bed frame
  • Vacuum packed 
  • Free UK Mainland delivery

The Natural Plus Pocket 1500 mattress by Sleepshaper. Luxurious comfort and support delivered directly to your door.

PLEASE NOTE : The price is for the mattress only and does not include any accessories. 

10 year warranty

PLEASE NOTE: Please take into account that our mattress firmness ratings are based on our personal opinions only. A mattress feel is very individual to each customers personal opinions of firmness, ie. a firm mattress to one person my feel like a medium mattress to another.

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Sleepshaper Natural Plus Pocket 1500 6ft (180cm) Super Kingsize Mattress

W 180cm x L 200cm x H 26cm

All dimensions are approximate

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